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Promo expires March 31, 2020.

Full Face Waxing or Threading for $31

Waxing or Threading available. Applying wax or thread to the brows and surrounding area helps remove dead skin cells and fine hairs, while limiting the chances of having an ingrown hair. Alaska Pearl wax is ideal for sensitive skin and post laser. Its unique creamy texture is easily removed without leaving any sticky residue behind. Made of organic resin and natural extracts, Alaska Pearl wax soothes and calms the skin.

Full Leg Wax for $49

Enjoy silky smooth legs for weeks at a time using safe, easy-to-use, effective hair removal products. The liquid cream wax is ideal for sensitive skin and post laser treatments. Its unique creamy texture makes it easy to remove without leaving a sticky residue. The wax contains no chemicals, made only of natural extracts and organic resin, which both soothes and calms the skin.

25 minute Back Massage for $41

The ultimate remedy to everyday stress. Massage incorporates manual touch to improve circulation and blood flow, relieve or manage pain and tension, and increase endorphin levels. Our bodies produce unhealthy amounts of Cortisol, a “stress hormone” known to cause headaches and lead to sleeplessness. Massage has been shown to decrease this hormone, allowing the body to relax. Massage can, in fact, trigger a host of brain chemistry responses that can result in lasting feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood and sleep. A non-greasy and easily absorbed oil blend of lemongrass and green tea is gently massaged into the body over the course of 25 minutes, providing an experience of total relaxation. This naturally hydrating Moroccan Argon Oil consists of Botanical Extracts that are both purifying and antioxidant-rich.

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