Spa Services


Silhouette Wrap

 $ 155 (1 Treatment)
$ 698  (Package of 6) 

If you are prone to cellulite, water retention or wishing to reshape your silhouette, this treatment could be the answer.
Dramatically improve the texture and suppleness of your skin from the very first session.

Slimwave Body Sculpting

 $ 85 (1 Session)
$ 635 (Package of 10)
$ 1095 (Package of 10 combined with 6 wraps)

 A power packed treatment for stubborn areas. Detoxify, firm, tone and tighten with Canada's first, FDA approved electro muscle stimulation device combined with infratherapy for long lasting and holistic results.

Fangotherapy : Scrub, Wrap, Massage

 $ 98 (60 min)
$ 130  (90 min) 
$ 150  (120 min)

Fango is the Italian word for mud that comes from 
thermal springs.  The mud used in this treatment 
contains high concentrations  of dense nutrients
to  help  draw out toxins and remineralize the body 
providing  holistic  nourishment while   minimizing
muscle aches and skin irritations.

Ananda Ayurvedic Experience

 $ 235 (120 min)

Experience a state of bliss with this complete head to toe treatment that combines benefits of dry body brushing with vetiver roots, oleation, massage and herbal steam using customised herbs.


Black Oxygen Reflexology Manicure/Pedicure

$48 (60 min) Black Oxygen Reflexology Manicure
$68 (75 min) Black Oxygen Reflexology Pedicure

These sense-pleasing, full spectrum services 
combine the benefits of oxygenated black moor 
mud and steam. Nail, callous  and cuticle care
are complimented with a luxurious rosemary 
and eucalyptus scrub followed by a hot oil 
treatment.  The experience is completed with a 
reflexology treatment to ground and energize tired
muscles and your favorite OPI polish.


$30 (45 min)                                                                       

The essentials; soak, cuticle care, filing, buffing, hydrating massage and an OPI Polish Application.

Sports Manicure/Pedicure

$25  (30 min Sports Manicure)
$45  (45 min Sports Manicure)

For gentleman and ladies that prefer a natural finish. All the essentials finished with a light hydrating massage and Healthy Hoof, clear lacquer application.

Neurospa Dry Pedicure

$57 (60 min)

This enchanced service transforms body, mind and soul using Gehwol's Professional Pedicure products and the soothing vibrations of the Neurospa Energizing Station. This waterless method comes complete with exfoliation, foot mask, massage and polish application. Recommended for those suffering from dry, callused and cracked heels.

Ancient Steam Pedicure

$52 (60 min)

Enjoy  a warming steam for your lower legs and 
a salt soak for your feet in our pedicure sauna. 
The treatment comes complete with a foot and
leg scrub, cuticle, callous and nail care. 
Finished with a soothing foot and lower leg 
massage, and OPI polish application.

Manicure & Pedicure for Children Under 11

$20  (20min Little Manicure)
$38  (30 min Little Pedicure)


Express Facial

$25 (15 min)

The perfect facial treat for clients in need of a quick rebalancing treatment before makeup application. Enjoy a deep cleanse at the facial bar with sea minerals (*Oarweed & Atlantic Kelp) that deep cleanse and gently exfoliate the dead skin.  Cleansing is followed by an aromatic mist and the treatment is completed with the application of a protective and priming treatment suitable to your skin type.


Essential Facial

$55 (30 min)

Get a glowing complexion at the facial bar; a quick yet efficient approach to relaxation. Enjoy a vitamin loaded facial cleanse followed by an aromatic mist and a radiance mask accompanied by a hand and arm massage. The treatment is completed with a deeply restorative massage for the face using an antioxidant modeling cream (*Seabuckthorn, Birch, Cucumber, Butchers Broom, Gotu Kola and burdock Root) applied using specialized massage techniques.

Vital Elements, Refreshing Facial

$70 (45 min) Best suited for Acne or Sensitive Skin Types.

Renew your skin with a balancing treatment that releases stress and impurities from the epidermis while providing vital nutrients. The skin is left purified, cleansed, soothed and relaxed. This facial is recommended as a regular treatment to prevent all kinds of skin imperfections.

Life Force, Hydrating Facial

$90 (60 min)

The ultimate hydrating facial using classic European techniques. Suitable for all skin types in need of nourishment. This treatment stimulates the skins natural regeneration processes. It optimizes firmness, visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and intensifies glow. Relax and enjoy this complete skin care experience. This advanced Facial includes steam treatment, extractions, deep pore cleanse, and exfoliation. With the addition of the Micronized Pearl Shell & Collagen Mask, you can expect dramatic results for radiant and firm-looking skin. Includes a face, neck & shoulder massage. 

Advanced Facials

Revision Anti-stress Facial

$115 (75 mins)
$150 (90 mins (Combined with Guinot HYDRAPEEL))

Deep cleanse, detoxify, and release stress with this intensely cooling service. Skin will benefit from a powerful blend of antioxidants, leaving the skin's surface rejuvenated and reconfigured. Suitable for all skin types especially environmentally stressed and sensitive skin.

Aromalift, Jade Stone Age Reversal Facial

$140 (75 mins)
$175 (90 mins (Combined with Guinot LIFTOSOME))

Turn back the clock with this intensive anti-aging regimen using specialized techniques for an immediate de-puffing, lifting and smoothing effect. This service combines facial reflexology with aromatherapy and microcurrent to slow down the aging process, correct the visual signs of sun damage, inflammatory response, and fatigue. 

OXYGENEO™ 3-in-1 Super Facial

$170 (60 min) 
(Add Guinot AGE SUMMUM - $35)

Experience the next generation of facials with a treatment that will immediately give you glowing and hydrated skin. The OxyGeneo™ is a patented and clinically proven super facial technology offering three-pronged results: exfoliating the dermis, infusing skin by aiding in deeper penetration of ingredients and oxygenating skin, which increases capillary flow and skin metabolism. Results are seen after the first treatment! With every subsequent OxyGeneo™ treatment, you soften the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, minimize pore size, hydrate and nourish the skin, revitalize dull complexion and improve the overall facial appearance.

SYNERON elos™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation

$160 (Add Guinot HYDRADERM LIFT - $35)                   

Effectively remove  brown spots or pigmented 
imperfections caused by sun damage and aging.

SYNERON elos™ Sublime Skin Tightening

$180 (Add Guinot AGE LOGIC $35)

Stimulate and enhance collagen production to visibly
improve facial contours and reduce wrinkles.  


Safe for men and women of all skin types and colors (light or dark). Most areas require 6-8 treatments, but may vary based on hair thickness, area being treated and hair growth cycles.

Ask in store for prices.



Hot Stone Massage (85 min)  $ 120
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (55 min) $ 85 
Back & Leg Massage (40 min)  $60
Back Massage (25 min) $45
Scalp Massage (25 min) $65
Neck, Shoulder, Arm (25 min) $40
Neurospa Foot Reflexology (15 min) $29
Neurospa Foot Reflexology (20 min) $35
Neurospa Foot Reflexology (30 min) $42


Eyelash Tint $22
Brow Tint  $18
Eyelash & Brow Tint  $35
Lash Removal $40
Lash: Discovery Set $88
Lash: Everyday Drama $120
Lash Fill: Discovery Set $45
Lash Fill: Everyday Drama $55


New Set, Hard Gel Nail Extensions $70
Hard Gel Fill $50
Hard Gel Overlay $55
Hard Gel Removal $40
French Polish $8
Gel Polish $10
Gel Polish Removal and Nail Protein Treatment $20
Callous Mask $10
Nail Care (soak, cuticles, trim, file, buff) $30


Microblading $350
Ombre Brows $380
Powder Brows $380
Lip Blush $280
Lip Ombre $280
Lip Liner $250
Eyeliner $299

($50 no show / cancellation fee)

Contact the store for pricing for Henna & Ear Piercing.


Full Leg $55      
Full Face $38
Full Arm $35
½ Leg $35
½ Arm $25
Navel $18
Shoulder & Neck $20
Underarm $17 
Brow $15 
Lip or Chin $10

Full Leg & Brazilian $90
Full leg & French $80
Full Leg & Bikini $70
1/2 Leg & Brazilian $79
1/2 leg & French $63
1/2 leg & Bikini $50
Bikini $22
Brazilian $49
French $37
Back or Chest $45