About Us

Our Promise

2nd Look Day Spa has been providing spa services in Coquitlam Centre for over 40 years.  We have been under new management since 2016 and have since embarked on a "Cleaner Beauty" journey to finally arrive at a place where we can offer the 2nd Look Day Spa, Cleaner Beauty, endorsement for all of our services.

What does Cleaner beauty mean to us? Well it means that no one has exactly defined what Clean Beauty is. Its about knowing that "green" or "natural" isn't always better.  We define it by an ethos of mindfully creating and offering products and services that are not just intended to be consumed. They are made with the intention to serve a holistic person without toxic ingredients or unapproved treatment protocols.  Its about serving our clients with an honest and transparent approach. It's about offering Advanced Aesthetics procedures that are not about higher cost or invasive services. It's about a promise of service that never compromises on either one of  beauty or wellness for the sake of the other.  It brings to you our promise of quality, efficacy, effectiveness and integrity.

Support Local 

We are a community business that understands how connected we all are. Just because we are in mall doesn't mean that we are a chain and our services are a quick in and out treatment. We provide full spectrum services and pride ourselves in being a supporter of Canadian brands.  Where possible, we source a majority of our professional and retail products from Canadian suppliers that use clean manufacturing processes combined with Health Canada approvals and a focus on elimination of toxic ingredients. When sourcing from around the globe we first seek our local landscape and only then look for global partnerships with industry approved and award winning products to complement our Canadian offerings. 

Everything You Need  

Don’t pass on the opportunity to relax your tired feet and enjoy some pampering during your busy day of shopping. Whatever your need is, we have a complete range of spa services that are at the forefront of the spa industry. We hope to partner with you on your beauty and wellness journey through cutting edge services such as the Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial, Slimwave Body Sculpting, Neurospa Energizing Station, advanced Guinot facials and eLos RF Laser Treatments. Inspired by ancient traditions where beauty was understood as a natural expression of well being, we take a holistic approach to skincare and beauty with the help of clean but potent botanical ingredients in our services and elements of acupressure and Ayurveda in our “touch”.  In our retail section, we stock the best of the best when it comes to your beauty & wellness needs to take the trial and error out of your beauty regime.

We Are Here When You Need Us

With late weekday, weekend and statutory holiday mall hours we are the perfect compliment to a long days or weeks work.  Come in and let us attend to your beauty & wellness needs at a time that suits you. Not able to book an appointment in advance, that's ok. With all shifts fully staffed, we always strive to accomodate; just walk in. 

For Appointments Call 604-464-8818