Foot Care at Home

Foot Care at Home

While you and our foot care professionals are at home, we hope to provide you with a few tips to bring a little comfort to your day and improve your overall feeling of wellness.

Prepare water with suggested amount of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath, a therapeutic bath formula consisting of essential oils and certified-organic mustard seed. Mustard seed has been known to increase blood flow, reduce stress and rejuvenate skin.

Soaking will gently open pores and ensure any dead skin is softened. Gently massage BCL Spa Sugar Scrub to feet and lower legs. This luxurious organic scrub regulates the production of oils, gently exfoliates and moisturizes, leaving the skin smooth and silky.

Push back cuticles and trim if needed.

Use Nancy K Brown Pedicure Paddle to remove calluses. Always start with a coarse pad and finish with a finer pad to smooth down dry skin. Frequent use will help improve the overall health of your feet. Repeat on other foot. Spray feet with water to remove debris and towel dry.

Apply Gehwol Leg Vitality or Gehwol Soft Feet to feet and just above the ankles approximately 1mm thick, place in a plastic bag and wrap with towels. Leave on for approximately 5 minutes. The cooling mask and the hot towels greatly compliment each other, allowing the skin to absorb the essential oils in the mask. Remove towels and plastic bag. Do not remove mask.

Finish by applying a cuticle oil such as OPI Pro Spa Nail and Cuticle Oil to protect, strengthen and replenish. Its lightweight formula is easily absorbed.