Hand & Foot Treatments


Little Manicure or Pedicure - Not available during Covid-19

$20 Manicure

$30 Pedicure

Have a young princess that may want to accompany you to the Spa? Not to worry, we have treatments that are  specifically for the gentle needs of kids under the age of 11.      

Sports Manicure or Pedicure

$30 Manicure

$50 Pedicure

The perfect treatment for gentleman or ladies preferring a no color finish or those finishing the treatment with a Gel Polish (Shellac).  Including all the regular components of our signature manicure or ancient steam pedicure but without polish application.   

Signature Manicure or Pedicure

$35 Manicure

$55 Ancient Steam Pedicure

The classic treatment for your hard working hands and feet. After a warm cleanse, we begin by trimming and/or shaping your nails, softening and trimming the dry skin around the cuticles and buffing the nail to smooth out lines and ridges. Enjoy the relaxing massage followed by your choice of color. The Pedicure service includes a deep exfoliation and a steaming of the lower legs in our sterile pedicure saunas.   

Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure

$48 Manicure

$68 Pedicure

A full signature manicure or pedicure treatment with the addition of a a therapeutic soak a pressure point massage and a luxurious, deeply hydrating treatment to complete the service. Choose from a warm paraffin treatment to relax those aching muscles and joints or therapeutic moor mud to heal the skin, and provide vital nutrients to tissues and joints. 

Gel Polish Removal with Strengthening Nail Treatment

$20 Manicure

$20 Pedicure

Removal of your gel polish with nail care and clear, strengthening protein, treatment to finish. 

Manicure & Pedicure Add-Ons

+15 Minute Massage $15

French Polish $10

Gel Polish / Shellac $10

Gel Polish / Shellac Removal $5 

Glycolic Peel $55

Nail Enhancements

* Please note that we are currently not offering nail extension services during Covid -19

$75 - New Set

$60 - Fill

$50 - Removal

$65 - Overlay

Benefits of Regular Hand & Foot Treatments:

  • improvement of joint health
  • boosted circulation to the extremities
  • callus prevention and treatment
  • reduced chance of infection
  • improvement of nail health and nail matrix integrity

When considering which appointments are important, manicures and pedicures may feel like just an indulgence, but in truth, they are much more than that. These services are actually very important for the health of your hands and feet. Not only will it help you look well-groomed, but with a good manicure and pedicure, your cuticles will be treated, and your nails will be cleaned and shaped – all of which are crucial. Regular treatments will improve the over all health of your finger-nails & toe-nails, boosting faster and better growth. The treatments will prevent & deter any nail diseases or other nail disorders such as painful ingrown nails, fungus affected nails, thickened or brittle nails, curved nails, bitten nails & even the damage caused by improper removal of artificial nails.