Vitalesce Skincare

Life Force energy for your skin. Embrace aging as a natural and most beautifying phenomena! “Nar” meaning “man” and Naari” meaning “woman” comes from the Sanskrit term “nara” which means “human”. Our Nar (men’s) and Naari (women’s) product lines are an exotic, yet natural gift to your skin. Enjoy the abundant natural energy of our products. Each formulation delivers the goodness of “life force energy” deep into the skin and works synergistically at 5 different levels to visibly improve the look and feel of skin with each application. All product lines contain a complete set of products for a total regime consisting of cleansers, toners, masks, scrubs, moisturizers and concentrated serums. Each unique skin will benefit from luxurious textures, exquisite aromas and distinctive ingredients. Each ingredient is rich in antioxidant properties helping to soften, tone, brighten, balance and repair skin.

Products will continue to be sold through our website and can be delivered within the Tricities and Delta area. Please allow 3 business days.

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