Everyone needs a regular facial!

Your skincare expert here at 2nd Look Day Spa will treat your skin with the best in class products and protocols so that your skin can be perfectly cleansed, radiant and hydrated when you finish your treatment.  Our trained professionals will evaluate your skin and then deep clean the dirt, micro pollutants, allergens, sebum, dead skin and other impurities which we have trapped below the surface.  Finishing protocols will penetrate the skin with the needed nutrients based on your skincare needs. 

If time doesn't allow for you to get a facial once a month, at minimum, our skin needs to be prepared for changes of the seasons.  A few weeks before we are affected by the natural climate changes that set in, a facial is necessary to prepare the skin for what it needs to function at it's best.  In the summer we need to prepare our skin to protect against sun damage and in the winter against the wind chill and drying out. Just before fall we need to heal and reverse the damage caused by exposure to the sun and springtime is best to protect it from allergies and to remove the excess buildup we have accumulated over the winter.

With regular facials we are equipping our skin /face to age with grace and to defend against premature signs of aging.

Benefits of Regular Facials:

  • less acne scarring
  • visible wrinkle reduction
  • restoration of the epidermal barrier
  • visible wrinkle reduction
  • more even skin tone
  • visible wrinkle reduction
  • increased cellular function
  • unclogged pores
  • fresh healthy glow from an increase in dermal circulation
  • better absorption of daily products and home care
  • rejuvenated appearance
  • support against dermal skin cell mutation
Hydra Peel Facial
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    Age Summum Facial
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      High Frequency Facial
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        Aromatic Serenity Facial
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