About Our Masseuse:

Our Masseuse, Julia is a Graduate of The Registered Massage Therapy program at Vancouver Community College and versed in a wide range of therapeutic techniques to bring about deep relaxation and balance to the body. Soothe aching muscles, relieve tension and bring about a state of harmony.

With a deep rooted interest in the mind-body connection, Julia listens to you and your body’s needs to provide a well rounded treatment. She provides a careful combination of rhythmic Swedish relaxation massage and targeted deep therapeutic pressure while intentionally guiding your breath and awareness for ultimate calmness, harmony and balance.

Why Choose Us:

Taking inspiration from European therapeutics and Ayurveda these treatments are designed to benefit us living in the Canadian Climate. We are exposed to an ever changing weather combination of warm, cold, wet and dry. This can cause havoc on our skin, joints, muscles and many other internal and external processes that we tend to ignore. With products that are rich in micro nutrients, combined with FDA approved technologies and long tested protocols these treatments can have a deeply positive effect on our metabolic functions aiding in restoring our skin, body and senses to a state of wellbeing.